Complete a CANOE Survey

Complete a Myers Briggs Survey.

When you have your four-letter results, explore what that means. Explore Kiersey Temperament Sorter (you will take another test like Meyers Briggs, and then look in the upper right navigation bar on this page to see THE FOUR TEMPERAMENTS. Read the overview and then look at yours to see if you are a GUARDIAN, ARTISAN, IDEALIST or RATIONAL to find further explanation of those results. Write a reaction to these findings, no more than 2 pages. Bring results to class.

BONUS: You may also compare these results with any other personality test you have taken (previous job or internship, Buzzfeed, etc.) Some areas to include:

  1. Discuss the process and environment of taking these tests (were you rushed? frustrated? contemplative?)
  2. Which one do you think really represents who you are?
  3. If you were an employer, would any of these tests really tell the whole story of your future employees?
  4. What do you see as the benefit/drawback of using these to select or group employees?